July 25, 2010

The Cold World Of Flower Tucci

She Shoots! She Squirts! She Scores! She’s famous for her ass, her appearances on “Family Business”, and the fact that she gushes like a geyser on command. She has a grill you can’t cook on. She doesn’t like snakes but she does like Rocco’s dick. She’s a lot of fun to talk to. And of course she always smells nice.

Flower: Hi ! I just got home yesterday. (From her vacation in Hawaii)
Colleen: You must be so tired.
F: I slept all day yesterday, but then stayed up all night working on my computer.

C: How did you pick your name?
F: It was just Flower for the first two years. I have tattoos of flowers and vines down my spine. Then every kept telling me I should have a last name. So being a Seymore Tushy girl, I wanted to do something like Tushy. Mari Possa, she’s really cute and loves to shop. She says why don’t you spell it like Gucci! So that’s how we came up with the spelling, because Mari is a name brand whore.

C: When you started did you do all gonzo movies?
F: I was a big fan of Seymore’s movies, I watched them with my boyfriend. When I decided to do porn I made a tape with my boyfriend and an agent showed it to Lexington Steele. So I went down to Van Nuys and ended up doing my first scene with Lexington Steele.

C: You are a lucky girl. He is gorgeous, and so nice.
F: Well it was funny because I had seen a movie he had done, and I said I would never have sex with him. And then I end up doing my first scene with him, anal and everything.
F: Yes! My first movie was called Balls Deep 6 by Anabolic.

C: Did you have a lot of anal sex in your real life?
F: Only with my boyfriend, and only because we were watching Seymore Butt’s movies. And we saw Seymore movies because my boyfriend had seen Alicia Klass on Playboy TV doing a squirting contest. He wanted to show me how the girls did squirting, so he went to the video store and they recommended Seymore because he had Female Ejaculation Review, Squirters 1 & 2...then I was trying to seek out Seymore Butts, because I was a fan. But he wasn’t filming at that time. So finally I just e-mailed Seymore and all the Tushy girls a thank you because they had changed my sex life and it was so much better and I had learned how to squirt and I was in awe of the whole porn thing. I sent Seymore pictures of me squirting. Well at the time Mari Possa was the secretary and she got the pictures and she said to him there is a girl here who looks pretty and she can squirt really well. If it wasn’t for her calling attention to that e-mail and showing it to Seymore, who knows. So he e-mailed and he told me that he would be doing a show for Showtime and he thought it would be great if he met me on the show. I’m flipping out because I am talking to him. So I met him for the first time on the second episode of the first season of Family Business. I squirted in a limo about ten feet. I hit the Showtime camera guys, and they were normal, they had never done anything with porn. So it was all kind of strange. I think I had gained respect with Seymore because I did my first scene. I said I wanted to be a Tushy girl and I ended up going on contract for two years.

C: How did you learn how to squirt?
F: Watching a lot of Alicia Klass. And listening to advice. I went on line and bought the cable master which exercises your PC muscles. At one time I was jealous of Alicia Klass because my boyfriend was so into it and I was trying like crazy to do it and I could just not do it. And then one day the first time I did it, it was hardly anything at all, but I was so excited. It progressed and I gained more control. When I first came in to the business I could only squirt using a pocket rocket on my clit. Now I can do it on demand pretty much.

C: There is still such a controversy. So you are positive that a female can ejaculate and it is not urine.
F: Positive. Mine has always been clear and kind of sweet. It’s not like urine at all.

C: Why can’t they just take some to a chemist and have it tested?
F: They have done tests, but a guy’s ejaculate carries so much percentage of urine also because of where it comes out of.

C: So a girl’s may be the same thing. And then some girls that squirt, don’t really squirt, they just piss all over the place.
F: Yeah, a lot of them do. I’ve been peed on a few times, by a few girls.

C: I want to do an experiment and take the squirt and have it analyzed. Because so many don’t believe that it’s real, and the girls that fake it just help that disbelief. I totally believe it, because I have done it.
F: Well I have learned to manipulate it to make it go where I want it.

C: So you lay at home in bed and practice, aim, shoot, score!
F: I have for contests, but I do it more on my patio because it is fifteen feet and I go the distance. My patio has a fence so no one can see me. I’ve also done it a lot in the shower.

C: In bed, it soaks everything, and you have to change the sheets and it soaks through to the mattress.
F: If I am seeing a guy I go see them at their house, fuck them in their bed and make their bed all wet. It’s funny they don’t want to wash their blankets. They say I am leaving it there forever.

C: It will smell like FLOWER’S!
F: A guy friend of mine was going to Australia and I spent his last night with him. I got grills, you know the things for your teeth. I got them because of MOFO wear, we do a lot of parties and I got my hair in cornrows and I got a white suit so I got platinum grills.
C: Flower NO!
F: Yeah! So I have been going out and wearing my grills. This guy thought it was funny because I am white and have a grill. He happens to be white and have a grill too. Mine was on the top and his was on the bottom. So I texted him “ I want you to cum on my grill.” So we had been building up this big thing that we were going to see each other on his last night. So I showed up in this Fredrick’s of Hollywood deep sea blue skin tight dress. And I have my glass butt plug in and I’m wearing my grill. And I brought sushi and a stack of my movies. So we are eating sushi and watching my movies and then we do a couple shots of Patron. He is putting his hand down my panties and he freaks out and says “That is so hot!” He’s so cute. I ended up sucking his dick with my grill on and then we went and had sex and we were both wearing grills. We took pictures and we call it getting our grill on!

C: Oh God Flower, metal decorations on your teeth? My nephew called me and told me he got a grill for his birthday. And I said oh, to cook out for your friends? Is it gas or charcoal? And he said ”No, the kind of grill you get for your mouth. Duh!” So I am really an authority on grills! (both laugh) Is your best body part your ass?
F: I guess my ass and my thighs are definitely thick. People like those the best.

C: Would you say you have a big butt?
F: Yes I would. My friends would tell me I had a wide butt.

C: So you are definitely a Tushy girl. Are you still under contract for Seymore?
F: I went non-exclusive two years ago. I have shot a lot of movies for Elegant Angel, including my series “Flower Squirt Shower.” I won an AVN award for the squirting category, it was the first time for that category. I did a bunch of squirt movies for Elegant Angel.

C: How often do you shoot?
F: If I look at my calendar I shoot at least fifteen days a month.

C: What is the best sex you ever had?
F: I’d have to say Manuel Ferrara. I just like him because he is very passionate. Mark Ashley is really good too. I like him because he makes me squirt and is a strong performer.

C: What do you like about porn?
F: I like getting my makeup done. I used to be in pageants when I was younger. It’s fun living out fantasies, that maybe I wouldn’t have had. I love being in the business.

C: Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?
F: Having sex on the sand at the beach. I know it’s highly overrated. I kinda did though, when I was in Hawaii, I had sex holding onto a coconut tree. It was close, it was on the beach but not on the sand. I love outdoors stuff. I had sex with Manuel in a big tree for Wicked Pictures in Hook-ups #9.

C: Where do you see yourself in five years?
F: I want to stay in the business. Something that pays decent. Maybe writing or producing.

C: Do you want to still be performing?
F: No. Maybe feature dancing. I’m saving that for when I don’t shoot as many movies, maybe in two years.
C: How many movies have you shot so far?
F: I think I am close to 250 in four years. When I was with Seymore, being under contract for two years, I only did like forty movies.

C: What are the most people you ever had sex with at once?
F: Five or six. And it was an internet gang-bang. Now the most I will do is three guys.

C: So no bukkake, no big gang-bangs?
F: I’m not into a lot of man ass in my scenes and my fans don’t like it. I will do blow bangs. Guys like to see a lot of cum. But I don’t think I’ll do the bukkakes. And I am not into doing large gangbangs like the Baker’s Dozen. My fans like more of the girl/girl/boy and I’ll do boy/boy/girl every now and then. I did three guys and me for my last Flower’s Squirt Showers 3. We did an every hole filled kind of thing, but it was very exhausting. I did a DP. It’s like trying to do all that at once, is tough. It was Mark Ashley, Jerry and Mark Wood. It was fun. But William H. won’t do it again because he said “I can’t see any of the squirting, all I can see is balls!” So we learned our lesson.

C: What is the weirdest sex you have ever had?
F: The sex with the grills on. That has to be one of my weirdest. It was freaky but hilarious. We were in front of a mirror. I’ve had sex in public places where people are watching you or in front of a big window at the Venetian while the Pirate ship is going off.

C: Do you have a fetish?
F: I do like the rubber stuff a lot.

C: Do you have the rubber clothes with the zippers and all that?
F: I don’t have any but I like it.

C: If anyone wants a spokes model for their line of rubber clothing give Flower a call!
F: Oh yeah! I want lots of rubber clothes. I did the Fashionistas 2 and they put us in the rubber dresses and I did a big orgy. I was with a lot of guys and girls in that orgy.

C: I heard that they were going to make that into two parts.
F: It was really good. I got to suck Rocco’s dick.

C: Tell me something quirky about you that your friends know that your fans would like to know?
F: I’m very sarcastic and I have a very good sense of humor. I am always making people laugh. I say outrageous things and know how to make people lose their appetite when they are eating. I think I could do porn star comedy. I say some pretty funny off the wall things. I have enjoyed every moment in this business. And I have most of it on film. So I can watch it. Whenever a movie comes out I watch it.

C: A lot of girls don’t want to watch their movies because they critique themselves.
F: I have accepted my imperfections and I think that is what people like about me. I can see the entertainment value in it. People write me e-mails that they watch my movies and say that the things that I say are so funny.

C: What is the most fun thing about being a porn star?
F: The travel. I am going to Barcelona in October. I got to go to New York three times this year. I went to Miami. I love Miami. I’ve gone to Alabama, Kentucky, places I would have never seen. I like getting my hair and make-up done.

C: You’re a girly-girl.
F: I like fucking some of these guys that are really good too!

C: Who is your favorite girl performer, that is the prettiest, that you would most like to fuck?
F: I like Lanny Barbie a lot. But I also like Katsumi. Lanny is so pretty. I like girls with darker hair. Katsumi just exudes sexuality. When she kisses and her tongue… Another one I did a scene with recently that I really liked was Hillary Scott. She likes to get slapped. So I got to slap her. There is a new girl named Sasha Grey who is just stunning.

C: What scares you?
F: Snakes. I am a little scared of heights but I can go on roller coasters. Driving over water scares me. I am afraid that we are going to go in the water and the windows are closed and I can’t get out. I’d rather the windows were open and if a shark eats me fine.

C: That’s funny. I only buy cars that have roll down windows. No automatics. Because I have that same fear of driving into a canal down here and drowning. What do you do for fun on your day off?
F: I like the outdoors. I like to go to the beach. I like ‘Zuma. I like Malibu.

C: I love Venice. I like Venice because all the weirdoes are there and I feel like I fit in.
F: Venice is cool. I want to go buy some art down there.

C: I like weird people. I always have.
F: I do too though. I like quirky people.

C: That’s why I like this industry I guess.
F: Kooky is good. It’s entertaining.

C: Normal is boring.
F: I think tomorrow night I am going bowling with some friends.

C: Bowling is cool. When I think of bowling I think of French fries and beer.
F: The more beer you drink the better bowler you become.

C: Or at least you THINK you are better. (laughs) Do you have a message to your fans?
F: Keep watching. I love getting off as much as I love getting others off. I always say many squirts, cum as much as you can, keep it hot, and get as much ass as you can!”

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  1. esta actris es para mi gusto la mejor
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  2. esta mujer tiene mucho parecido con mi madre, el caso es gue mi madre comenzo a trabajar haciendo privados sexuales en moteles de aca del argentina
    i su ropa intereor mui sexi, es gue yo no podia dejar de mirarla i el parecido con esta actis es mucho mui parecida, mi madre tiene 40 años i yo 19
    i cada vez gue me ponia a ver peliculas de flower tucci, mi madre me daba vueltas por mi cabeza
    heran tantas las ganas gue tenia de tener relaciones sexuales con mi madre gue un dia hable con un buen amigo al cual le comente la situacion,
    mi amigo llamo al telefono ami madre i fijo un encuentro sexual con ella i le dijo gue seria un trio, hentonces yo hacisti al motel un poco caracterizado con una peluca una gorra i un bigote, i como mi amigo hera el comunicador no me fue tan dificil
    hentonces fue hai cuando por fin yo tenia en mi frente todo ese hermozo culo esperando por mi polla
    cuando yo estaba enculando a mi madre enrealidad no sabia si hera la flower o si hera mi madre
    el caso es gue hasta ahora son mis 2 mejores coitos de toda mi vida, i es un secreto entre mi buen amigo i yo, DE ARGENTINA, JORJE OSORIO.


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