July 28, 2010

Let Me In - 2010 Remake of "Let the Right One In"

Hammer Horror and Matt Reeve's producer of Cloverfield has announced the 2010 remake of an eerily wonderful Swedish vampire film "Let the Right One In." Set to debut in the fall of 2010 this new release is said by Simon Oakes to be more accessible to a larger audience without reverting to cheesy special effects.

So I as an avid film watcher, collector, and reviewer ask why?? why? why why?!  Why mess up a brilliant master piece with the intentions of sharing the original story with a larger audience? What has become of the enormous amount of Hollywood remakes exclusively rewritten for the same reason or even for other reasons? They are indeed for the most part trash and unbearable to watch. Foreign language to English movie remakes such as "The Ring" and "Godzilla" were nothing but fancy effects and ultimately major flops.

Granted Hammer Horror's reputation is astounding with films such as Dracula, The Curse of Frankenstein, and The Curse of the Mummy but let's stick to the originals, please?. What would my solution be without a remake? Spread the word on what an awesome movie the original is. If you have the dvd, let your friends know ... invite them over for a vampire movie night, and hey throw Dracula, Brides of Dracula and Vampire Circus in the mix, wink*.

After watching Let the Right One in numerous times and watching the trailer for Let Me In .. my opinion remains the same. The Swedes ultimate victory lies in the characters, the lighting, the thought provoking script, and the creep factor.

I'll let you compare the trailers yourself .. 

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  1. I agree. I have a feeling this is gonna be a pretty decent movie, but one still has to ask the question, Why bother? It's already been done perfectly. The original flick is exceptional, and I don't understand the need to "repackage" it like this for an American audience. Frustrating.