July 27, 2010

A Quick Smoke With Rick Rozz

It goes without saying that the man who co-piloted along with Chuck Schuldiner, the raw and brutal dissonance on the masterpiece album Leprosy by Heavy Metal act Death is a metal institution.

Rick, thanks for taking the time out to kick it with us today, i know you have been busy, why don't you let everyone know what you have been cooking up lately

Well Mitch, I have been working very hard on the new project M INC. It has been almost a year together, and a lot of cool things have been happening, M INC. are putting the finishing touches on our demo, to start shopping a record deal, its old school Death/Speed Metal, and its coming along quite nicely, and getting ready for a small Florida Metal Fest I am putting together in December.

You've been around death metal since its inception obviously, how do you feel about some of today's new metal?

Well I have been out of the metal scene for over 15 years, so I'm not really up to date on most of todays metal, a few bands I have heard that are kick ass are Diabolic, Imperial Conquest. and Wykked Wytch.

Nice, i like Diabolic too. Do you think a lot of the feel has been lost with new technologies of recording and such?

As far as the feel, to me that all comes from the players and band its self, not what you record on.

What guitarist would you say most influenced you to start playing?

Ace Frehley!

Nice i had an idea you might say Ace last time we talked we were marveling over his solo album, how great it still sounds.

What about cult bands back then, what got your blood boiling?

Hellhammer, Venom, Slayer.

And album?..though i know this one
Slayer! Reign In Blood 100% Crippling, nothing can ever touch it!!!!

When can we expect a full length album? What are the plans for M Inc in 2010/2011?

We are putting the finishing touchs on our demo, to start shopping labels, I'm sure a few labels have already heard the tracks we have available now we have another six more track coming soon, for a full demo, which will be our full length album. if that comes to pass, And we are looking to to get on the (Summer/Winter Euro Fests) in 2011.

Sounds sweet. Any last words?

Keep you eyes open for M INC!! This a very serious project, and I'm sure metal fans all over will hear this in our music, M INC is going to give it their all to kick some Ass in the Metal World. And thank you very much Mitch for taking the time to spread the word on M INC!! You Rock Brother

Anytime homie, peace

M INC. Myspace

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  1. good to know the dive-bomber is still alive and doing well!!! some like Johnny Winter would say ;)