July 28, 2010

Kosha Dillz

I must say it's nice to see a rapper being himself these days. There are no drive by shootings, heroin deals or talk of Maybach's anywhere on his new cd "Beverly Dillz". Dillz is your every man sort of rapper, not afraid to be himself. For better or worse. We caught up with Dillz fresh off of tour to spread some of his flavored chumus on us.

Dillz, how is it hanging brother? Tell them who you are.

Hey, I'm Kosha Dillz, just an ordinary Israeli-New Jersey emcee/ musician trying to make a name for himself and inspire the listener to have fun and let go of themselves.

Awesome I like that mentality. I hear you were on tour with Snoop Dogg, how did that go?

Opening for Snoop was great. I played the shows in Holland with him. Just imagine the amount of fans who were die hungry for a global icon, got to meet me right before that. It was so monumental for my career since I have been working for the moments and opportunities. I just did around 14-15 shows in 17 days.

Sick..sounds like your in grind mode. How did you get mixed up with Hip Hop?

Hip Hop found me. Just through my friends when we partied in high school. Wu Tang was a big influence and my friend Yak Ballz was coming up in the NYC scene when we were in high school. It wasn't able to be duplicated. I went out to a show and it was 8 mile of NYC. (Nuyorican Poets Cafe) The battle scene. I smoked weed and somehow got on stage and that was the dawn of a new day. 10-11 years later I'm opening up for Snoop Dogg in Holland after the promoter saw me play @ SXSW in Austin Texas.

Your doing it up dog. Any strange mishaps on tour? I'm sure the groupies wanted a kosher joy ride huh? haha

Well many strange things have happened on tour. The night I played with Snoop In Amsterdam I went back to the apartment and my host gave me the wrong Key. I went around the corner and was so mad that I couldn't find my DJ who was in a hotel so we went to this hostel that a guy on the street brought me to. I was so frustrated I had a pocket full of money but told him I had no money and demanded I needed a place to stay. There was weird things in this hostel and well I slept in quite late. I guess my night of prestige turned into a night from hell, and I woke up saying "Only Me."

No ATM i suppose? Whats next for Dillz?

The next thing for me is to go to bed. I have an album out called Beverly Dillz that is on iTunes. I'm recording new music with a producer named Shuko and I'm planning a full US tour as we speak for fall. I also will be in the video game NBA2k11 as a character, and I'm collecting diaries of my time in jail to release with my next project.

I'm going to Czech Republic for some shows and going to London, Vermont, and LA as well.

As far as people I'm working with...
I'm finding some amazing talent from Utah to NY to DC.
I'm working with some good cats with me like Pig Pen, Pat Maine (UT), Kyle Rapps (NY) and Flex Mathews (DC). Kyle Rapps is a children's poet by day who has an amazing album with Belief (who did my album Beverly Dillz) he recorded part of it in Ghana and some in LA. Its really great stuff. he also is doing a project with Kev Brown. Pig Pen and Pat Maine are all over the USA on the DIY grind, and Flex Mathews is my partner in crime/rhyme.
Thanks so much for the interview. I def' did not have rap in the attic before this interview, but now I'll be sure to put my old rhyme books in a safe place!

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  1. This clown is the worst shit i ever heard, its worse than awful. My dead smelly grandmother is a better rapper, if thats what hes attempting. The "jew' gimmick is awful and a played out concept. Hes by far the worst jewish rapper.