July 24, 2010

Vinnie Vincent

Who knew Vincent Cusano wrote two great Kiss albums at a time most thought they sucked balls. Didn't you wonder why all of a sudden they were heavy again? Why they were playing heavier more agressive music? In walks Vincent to take Ace's place to start recording their new opus "Creatures Of The Night".Gene was too busy licking Cher or Diana Ross bungy and Paul was dining with Lisa Hartman to take full command of the metalness of the album, ever so willing to stay afloat with every new trend, Kiss decided they wanted to go in a more heavy direcion. I wonder what Eric Carr was thinking of this circus. Ace stumped for ideas and too smashed to be creative had to take a seat on the sidelines. They even used his photo for the 1982 lp as well. While Vinnie went on to acheive more fame with his own project Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Vinnies work remains unparallel to his work on those two Kiss albums.

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