October 11, 2010

J.R From Pig Destroyer In Loving Relationship

Eloquent, haunting, courageously transgressive—J.R. Hayes is indisputably one of the best lyricists in extreme music. Seeing as how Scott Hull, Brian Harvey and Blake Harrison are just footsteps behind (if that) at their respective trades of guitar, drums and electronic embellishment/Metal Mutha lineage, no shit a new Pig Destroyer record is a big deal. The good news is that, unlike so many modern metal acts enjoying crossover cache, the deathgrind overlords aren’t “going grunge” on their fifth full-length; the (humorously) disquieting news is that Hayes’ love life is currently dismemberment-free.

“He’s actually been in a really good relationship for over a year now, with someone who he’s very compatible with,” reveals Hull, “so the disconnected relationship torment has, at least for the time being, given way to more current demons he’s struggling with.”

Hayes rightly shrugs off our retarded ruh-rohs. “Just ’cause I’m not stressed about girls doesn’t mean I’m not stressed. It’s hard enough just to make it through a day with dignity and sanity intact. I’ve got page upon page of shit to scream about.”

When we’ll be exposed to said pages—and Hull’s ensuing riff hurricane—is anyone’s guess. The Economy, Stupid at least partially explains the delay in following up 2007 dB Album of the Year Phantom Limb. Both Hayes and Harvey work in real estate/development-related fields, and the recession has forced them to prioritize extra work ahead of pig destroying. Hence, as of press time, PxDx are still in the “developing” stage.

Hull spills what few beans he has: “With the material we have, I’d say about half of it is very traditional hardcore/powerviolence-type thrash, and the other half has a track that’s more rocking, much like ‘Trojan Whore,’ and some material that’s really noodly, reflecting a current Gorguts obsession. So, it’s really all over the fucking place.”

“We pretty much decide where we’d like to go once there’s some riffs written,” Harrison adds. “J.R. and I are always down for leaner and meaner grind stuff. I’m going to be doing more as far as the textures I add—more compositional stuff that blends in a little more as opposed to sitting on top of the music. Who knows? I may even add some vocals.”

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