October 23, 2010

Matt Pike On LSD, Mushrooms And The White Girl

High On Fire's Matt P shoots the shit on the Megadeth tour, playing arenas, old thrash like Kreator and his Hardcore influences. Matt also talks about his Psychedelic influences like mushrooms, LSD and the king himself Roky Ericson. Support Pike's drug habit. We do. below are some of matt's lyrics to Cyclopian Scape, which seems to be farout. Aliens, Reptilians and secret takeovers seem to be the idea here... Cyclopian Scape 

Reptile race crossbred down through the golden age, human haze
Lemurian throne taken and usurped by th alien drones, controlled and honed
Atlantian keys sunken and destroyed by catastrophe, left wandering
Bloodline kings slither down through society's reptoid dreams
Cataclysm to the elder tribes
Aununnaki have survived
Continents underwater shrine
Ocean vaults holding time
Say ye grace unto the serpent line
Unviel curses and their lies
Contemplate the lengths they'll go to rule
A there fangs dig into you

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