October 11, 2010

Geddy Lee Speaks On New Concept Rush Album

Mr Lee speaks on the next RUSH studio album:

Geddy: "The new album is still in production. We've recorded two songs so far, one of them called 'Caravan' and the other one called 'Brought Up To Believe' ['BU2B']. That's the beginning two songs of a whole kind of a concept album called 'Clockwork Angels'. We have about four other songs... five songs written, but not recorded yet. And we still have a couple of more songs that we want to write and then put the whole thing together. So I don't think the album will be ready for about a year."

On whether there will be a new DVD/CD documenting the current tour:

Geddy: "We record every night. We don't film every night but we have lots of cameras around. So invariably by the time this [tour] is finished we'll put together some sort of live representation of it. But what form that will take I'm not sure yet."

 On the recent award-winning film "Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage":

Geddy: "It's a weird experience to watch that for me. First of all, I don't like to watch myself talking about myself; it's strange [and] not normal. But I was very complimented to hear the nice things that the other musicians had to say. And I was very relieved that the people that made the film had a good sense of humor, and that the sense of humor that we have in the band came through in that film. So that made me happy. And so although it's not my favorite thing to do — to watch a movie about us — I'm glad that so many people seem to enjoy it."

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