October 12, 2010

Trent Reznor Now Approves Of Facebook

If you're looking to add Trent Reznor as a friend on Facebook, you're probably out of luck. Even though he helped craft the soundtrack to the acclaimed new film 'The Social Network,' the Nine Inch Nails frontman is hardly the site's biggest champion. In past interviews, Reznor has gone so far as to say "Facebook sucks," but now he's adjusted that position.

"Facebook is a good idea, I guess," Reznor told Drowned in Sound. "Certainly, I don't really use it that much but it has got me closer to people that I hadn't been in contact with that I actually know as real human beings, so that's good."

Mostly, Reznor finds fault with its "falseness", adding, "I guess I'm just coming from an older school of: when you met people you met them. Whether you spoke to them on person or talked on the phone, when you interact with them it would be a real person and not some avatar of themselves."

Trent cites supposed Joy Division fans as an example of "hyper-real versions of people," insisting that "if as many people really listened to Joy Division as list them on their Facebook page, Joy Division would be bigger than U2."

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