October 23, 2010

Marduk Speak About Enemas

I am ontime to go meet Morgan from gods of Black Metal Kvlt Marduk.  I decided to have a good time and not get too deep. I had many other questions, but time was a fixture here. There were no mountains, graveyards or winter rains anywhere. Just us. We shot the shit and i have a new deep respect for the" Fuck Me Jesus" bunch.

 You guys just arrived, what do you do to pass time while on the plane or on the bus? Smoke some blunts? Coke?

Morgan:   Well we're usually pretty on  I mean getting into Canada took like five hours at the boarder, then get to the venue like three hours before the show. So usually on tour we're here right now, it passes us very fast. But apart from that being on tour you always try to see something, I read a lot, and watch movies. That's what I do on tour.
 You've played 4 dates on this tour so far. How have they been? What have the reactions been like?
Morgan: Well its been really great! Its great for us to finally be here, to do a full tour. So for us its a great pleasure to finally be here, and the shows so far have been very good.
 Have you been getting to know the guys from any of the other bands on the tour?
Morgan: Yeah, of course. Black Anvil guys, we met them when we were over here, we played three shows in August. Merrimack is also a European band so of course you get to know them when you tour together for a month.
 And last night was your first ever Canadian show. How was it?
Morgan: It was fantastic actually. Montreal was a real blast. We had a really great time there. Really enthusiastic crowd, high energy. So for us it was a great experience, we had a real good night over there.

And how about tonight's show?
Morgan: It was good as well. There was some technical issues with the sound system and things like that, it destroys a bit of the feeling of playing. Apart from that it was great.
We know that some places you play wont allow you to play certain songs.
Morgan: In Europe they try to do those things, but we overcome all the problems in one way or another because no body can stop us to do what we want to do. We will do it one way or another.
So you didn't have any restrictions on tonight's set?
Morgan: Nope. Do they have these kind of laws here?I don't know, actually.
 Just kicking off this tour, are there any dates coming up that you're looking forward to?
Morgan: I'm looking forward to all of them. For us its a great opportunity to finally after eight years be here and do a full tour. I'm looking forward to get back to Texas and California. But also places we haven't been in before. We're doing 26 dates on this tour, and I'm looking forward to all of them. To spread our gospels and march across the continent. Every show is an important happening.

You said that how many times you've played a country influences your set lists. How did you go about deciding what to play for your first time here?
Morgan: I mean of course we played a few songs from the new album, I think we played three songs from the new album. We tried to cover more or less every album to play. We have some songs that we switch around a little bit, but of course since we haven't been here before, we tried to play something from more or less all of the bands history. I think that's an obligation to do that.
If you had to describe Marduk's music in three words they would be...
Morgan: It would be Blood, Fire, and Death. In musical form.
And the most overrated metal band would be?
There is a lot. It is hard for me to say one. Its not up to me to decide. I have my personal opinions but I cannot name one because I think that 98% of the music scene sucks. So its a lot of bands that I think are overrated.
 Being a guy that buys your music, what was the last CD you bought?
Morgan: The last CD that I bought...I must think what I bought... Because I'm buying a lot of albums but, what was the last one I bought? Because I've been on tour for a long time and I've received a few records from other bands on tour but I don't remember what I've bought. I buy a lot of albums all the time, but I cant remember the last one I bought.
 So what have Marduk been listening to in general lately?
Morgan: On tour I don't listen to so much music, because you play all the time and you hear music all the time. So I'm more into watching movies than listening to music while on tour. So I don't really listen to a lot of music on tour.
What kind of movies do you like to watch?
Morgan: Everything. I like to bring a lot of documentaries on whatever that is good, just to have them with you.
 Who are some of your current favorite Metal bands?
Morgan: Its hard to say, I like allot of bands that I have been liking for many years, current bands... Not current bands, just right now.
Morgan: Well then what I listen to most myself is I listen to Possessed a lot and Celtic Frost, being on tour and at home. It's usually allot of old records that you never get tired of. I listen to Hell Awaits by Slayer and Reign in Blood, things you never get tired of.Classics.
Morgan: Yeah that's usually what I listen to, lots of classics.
How did you originally come up with Marduk's logo's design?
Morgan: Actually I had a primitive sketch for it and I sent it to a guy, we got the logo we have right now made in Costa Rica, back in 91' I think.
 How do you guys stay healthy on tour?

Morgan: I don't know if its possible to stay healthy on tour. *Laughs* I try to do it at home but on tour you leave that life. But of course you try to keep healthy a bit, but its hard to stay healthy. Just focusing on what we're here to do is healthy enough.
 Whats your favorite type of beer to drink?
Morgan: I'm not really a beer fan, actually. Or, not a big fan of American beer. *Laughs* I like, for example, if I like beer its German beer called Franziskaner. That's good. Or Staropramen from Checkoslovakia, If I drink beer. But I prefer wine or vodka or whiskey.
 Well Do you plan on trying a Molson Canadian?
Morgan: Yeah, yeah. I could try that one, for sure.
What are three things you guys always put on your rider?
Morgan: Its not really something specific, I don't know. Try to get healthy but, different food. or....I don't know, I never think about it actually. *Laughs*
 Some people do some crazy things for bands.
Morgan: Yeah.
 Whats the craziest thing YOU'VE ever done for a band?
Morgan: I haven't done any really crazy things for any band...I've done some pretty crazy things for my own band. But not for any other band!
Like what would you say for your own band
Morgan: I have sacrificed everything there is to do to march across the world with this band. That's like the highest sacrifice you can do. I put all my time and energy into this band.
Whats the best concert you've ever been to as a fan?
Morgan: As a fan...I don't know, I like a lot of concerts. I've seen so many. But I like allot of countries in like Central and Eastern Europe. I like those countries. Romania, Hungary, Checkoslovakia. Those are beautiful places you know.
 If you could give the world an Enema, where would you stick the hose?
Morgan: If I could give the world what? An Enema.
Morgan: Enema? Do you know what an Enema is?
Morgan: Nope. Its where they stick a tube up your butt and flush it with hot water.
Morgan: Oh. That. Yeah, what was the question about it? If you could give the world an Enema, where would you stick the hose?
Morgan: Ahh...Probably just the whole world I would say.
We've seen the video interview on youtube with Ann and from "Breakfast" on youtube. You remember that one?
Morgan: Yeah. That made me wonder, Does it annoy you when someone interviews you who knows nothing about your band?
Morgan: It can be annoying, but that one was not annoying because it was an old lady, I mean...It was pretty funny
Morgan: But that was different, she didn't know very much about what we were doing but of course it can be annoying. Some people just don't know, that's the way it is.
Thanks very much for the interview! Any final words?
Morgan: Yeah, we want to send a big regard to all our Canadian supporters, it was great to finally be here, and we will for sure be coming back!

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