October 12, 2010

Al Pacino To Play Phil Spector In New Film

Break out the crazy wigs. Award-winning actor Al Pacino has been chosen to play famed producer and convicted killer Phil Spector in a new movie for HBO, the New York Times reports

The film will explore the life of Spector, who pioneered the "wall of sound" recording technique and worked with such artists as the Ronettes, the Ramones and Cher. The film will also reenact the 70-year-old Spector's conviction for the murder of his wife, actress Lana Clarkson, last year
While HBO says that the movie is still in its early stages of development, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer David Mamet has been chosen to pen the script and direct, with Barry Levinson serving as executive producer. Pacino also starred as Jack Kevorkian in the HBO biopic 'You Don't Know Jack,' which premiered earlier this year.

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  1. I will check that out, it cant be bad!