October 24, 2010

New Ronnie James Dio Toy Statue?

I must say I am slightly confused as to why theres tons of Dio collectibles surfacing right now. Maybe its just me isn't it a little early to kinda rape his memory that fast and make 100 new t shirt and toy designs? Granted, i loved Ronnie as much as anyone. Who can argue that he was the nicest guy you can ask for, especially considering how talented he was. He didn't exactly die a poor man either. Thats not to say he had $100 million dollars in his estate either. I am all for doing something out of love. Just seems all to soon to me to take at face value. A statue for $150 bucks plus tax? $75 dollar tour shirts? Sure they were selling tour shirts from the "Sacred Heart" tour in 1985, but why dig out ONLY SIZE MEDIUMS out of that old crusty warehouse they were sitting in for 25 years?.. If there are only size mediums left why bother now to sell off the last vintage shirts? Seems like a lot of reaching for no reason. Why weren't those shirts available before? Tons of people would have bought them, shit i would've too had i been able to find those. Now they are available?.. I miss my Dio baseball jerseys id buy in 84/85 shopping with my mom in Kings Plaza mall. I guess I'm suspect of any business ventures that occur post-mortem, always have been. What's next 5 designs of original tour shirts from the "Holy Diver" era? I wonder if Gene is somehow involved with this.  Anyways it is what it is. I'm curious why now? Wouldn't releasing all of this stuff ruin and stain anything else they tried to honor his memory with? Its like a lame Kiss convention, except the man himself is not here for his own opinion. I like the quote the best from this guy

"We learned that Ronnie wanted to work on a statue project before he fell ill.
We are honored that Wendy Dio and his management called on us for this project.

The fact that a portion of the of the sales proceeds will go to his cancer fund is special. Both my wife and I lost our
Dads to cancer."

- - Tony S., KnuckleBonz Founder & Creative Director

The officially licensed, Ronnie James Dio Rock Iconz limited edition statue by KnuckleBonz is now available for pre-order. Limited quantities ship late 2010.

A portion of all proceeds from go to the "Stand Up and Shout" cancer fund in honor of Ronnie James Dio.

The sculpture of Dio is displayed with his signature devil horns and iconic crouched stance. KnuckleBonz is honored to be creating a tribute piece of Ronnie James Dio, widely recognized as one of the most powerful singers in all of heavy metal.

All figures in the Rock Iconz® series are limited editions and the Ronnie James Dio statue is very exclusive with only 3000 pieces slated for production. This is an officially licensed product. A portion of all sales from will be donated to the "Stand Up and Shout" Cancer Fund created in honor of Ronnie James Dio.

For all DIO fans, we wanted to pass along information that donations to the Ronnie James Dio "Stand Up and Shout" Cancer Fund are now being accepted by going to Your generous donations will go to cancer research, screenings and various cancer programs.

The Dio statue by KnuckleBonz is created using a team of highly skilled artists to sculpt a remarkable likeness. The limited edition figure will be cast in a poly-resin and hand-paint in fine detail. Each sculpture in the Rock Iconz series is hand-numbered and displayed on an attractive wooden base.

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