July 30, 2010

Swedish Erotica

For the sick and depraved i suppose and those who fly the goon flag quite high this is a must have. From Bazillion Points home of the ghouls, and art by Wes Benscoter. Daniel Ekeroth who also masterminded the classic Swedish Death Metal book here orchestrates why we are lured into a new kind of death.

In the annals of grindhouse exploitation cinema, Italy owns the giallo, Australia offers Ozploitation, and Sweden has spawned—the SENSATIONSFILM!

“I look back with genuine joy. I am so very happy I could be a part of the seventies, it was so incredibly interesting. I carry it with me; it is a part of me. I would never deny being in those movies. I know that a lot of people do so, but I just had a blast.”— Christina Lindberg

“Into this rising whirlwind of madness, I was born in 1972. As the ‘70s came along, all limits were forgotten. Sweden was flooded with sexually explicit films of every kind, violent gangster movies…and all morals were gone.”—Daniel Ekeroth

In many respects, Sweden’s place in film history is secure and prominent. Swedish films are associated internationally with the success and high quality of Ingmar Bergman’s reputable works. However, another breed of Swedish film is notorious for its laissez-faire attitude towards nudity and relaxed sexuality. Produced in the backyard of the Swedish film industry, these sexually daring films join countless speculative or sensational movies that deal with shocking or taboo subjects—street punks, space aliens, hard drugs, and drunken vikings. Other efforts are simply too strange and Swedish to ignore. Once again, Swedish Death Metal author Daniel Ekeroth delves into the arcane culture of his homeland, returning with the first comprehensive overview of “Sensationsfilms”—Swedish Exploitation Cinema.

Includes reviews and release information on nearly 200 clandestine Swedish films produced between 1951 and 1993, plus a new introduction by Daniel Ekeroth; and an unpublished in-deep interview with actress Christina Lindberg (Thriller: En Grym Film/They Call Her One Eye, Maid in Sweden, Anita: Swedish Nymphet) Films include uncovered—and undressed!—early movie roles by stars like Stellan Skarsgård (Pirates of the Carribean, Mamma Mia!, Dancer in the Dark), Pernilla August (Fanny and Alexander, Star Wars Ep. I & II), Max von Sydow (Shutter Island, Minority Report), and Lee Hazlewood.

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