September 25, 2010

Anthrax - Gung Ho

 A good song from a solid album, from a band who was hungry and brought new ideas into thrash metal such as for better or worse, comic books, Stephen King novellas, expensive sneakers, hip hop shirts and Bermuda shorts. Musically they were a very American sounding metal band influenced by Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Anthrax injected melody into parts of songs that became highly catchy without losing the thrashy side to it all. Many hated them later on for changing their image, which Scott Ian defended by saying they are from New York and were just dressing like a lot of people there. Some from the New York hardcore scene also took pot shots at them as well for using, or according to them stealing the NYHC logo, which Scott displayed on shirts, amps and t shirts. They never hid the fact they listened to hip hop either. A little short time after their monster "Among The Living", they had released "State Of Euphoria" which according to most lacked in the heavy department, with average production. As a fan of the band i witnessed a steady decline that by 1991 it seemed the best days were behind them, though some may disagree They did a collaboration with hip hop group Public Enemy, who Scott, Frankie and Charlie loved. MTV picked up on it and even started playing it during the day. Friction over musical directions led to Joey Belladonna parting ways thus the end of an era..I myself enjoyed new singer John Bush better with his former band Armored Saint, i did like a couple of things they did with him later on like "Safe Home", or something like that. I thought that with new blood  in the band, they would go back to their heavier side which never happened. This video is from Europe in the midst of their popularity racing, something blood curdling also at the time about euro thrashers from that era. You don't see crowds like that anymore with that much appreciation.The scene was newer and more exciting as like anything something becomes old shoe. This peak was sometime in 85. Scott also had hair.

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