September 25, 2010

Where is John Hand?

In July of 1986, Chuck and Chris of Death, entered a Florida recording studio to start work on their debut album for the label, but due to various technical problems, the sessions didn't go past the initial basic tracks and the whole project was moved over to Hollywood's Music Grinder Studios. Paired up with producer Randy Burns, DEATH spent only a few days recording the LP before Chuck and Chris returned home, leaving Randy to mix the album. While waiting for the album to be mixed and mastered, Schuldiner and Reifert came in contact with a young Californian guitarist by the name of John Hand, whom they welcomed in the band, even going so far as to have his photo included on the back cover of the upcoming record. It was a decision that would later haunt the group, as Hand would leave the group prior to the recording of their second album and thus never recorded so much as a single note with DEATH. We do not know much about John, but we know he liked denim, killer weed and Kreator!

Mr Hand is a death metal legend and he continues to influence thousands of youngsters who are just getting into DM, just by his rad pic on Scream Bloody Gore!


  1. Are you serious?!?! And may I ask, where is the supported evidence behind these so called facts? I happen to know what ACTUALLY happened, and would be honored to give you a realty check based on facts.

    First of all, John and Chris met first... So it is pretty impossible for Chris to be in Florida recording a album with Chuck and responding to an ad with John in the newspaper (placed by Chuck) all at the same time. The two (John and Chris) were friends for well over a year jamming together either in John or Chris's bedroom with great drive to make it big before Chuck even stepped foot in the state of California.
    Here is a question for long do you think it takes to determine the skill and ability someone has on playing a guitar??? Not years!!! So, let me get this straight, Hand joins the band "Death" with the luck of angel, not skill, and it takes Chuck and Chris years to figure out he doesn't know how to play??? A little far fetched!

    One more thing... and I will keep the rest of my facts to myself for someone who is worthy...

    The name "Death" was a slang word back in the 80's used by long hairs, which Chris and John used quiet regulary. The name "Death" was created already, and if Chuck had his way...the legendary metal band we all love "Death" would have been called "Mantis".

  2. Who was this legend above?