September 28, 2010


 Listen here, this interview rules and it happens to be with a “rapper”. Rap and metal has joined in the past and with disastrous results I might add. I won’t mention THAT “music” or THOSE “bands”. As the asshole purist that I am, it ain’t worth it. But with Goretex, it is WAAAAAY different. Like your Mommy said, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, or was it “hey stupid, stop jerking off or you will go blind”? FUUUUCK! Well whatever she said, she was RIGHT! Now Goretex is not only into metal. He is a MANIAC about metal. And he has been into the deep underground for years and knows his shit. So after I talked with him about how fucking awesome the Immolation Demo ‘88 is, I had to get a talk with him in here. Gore could have been a fucking opera singer after THAT talk, and I would have got him on here. But I was fascinated with how similar our taste in metal, as well as our overall outlook on shit is. This dude ain’t no trendy poser jumping around to different types of music because he is bored of rap. He is a true fan and he is more “metal” than quite a few people who might run into this interview on here. So read it and weep posers! And to the true, Goretex is one of US! And as he said, HAIL SATAN!

Abominator: Hails Mitch. Thanks for your time. What are you currently up to these days?

GORE: Cheers, brother..I’ve been in the studio for a while now cooking some new treats up for the album ..staying out of trouble. Not an easy task.

Abominator: I want to go back to when you first got into heavy metal. Talk about that. And what were the first records that you bought?

GORE: I think like a lot of kids i was into Kiss at an early age, like 4 or 5 but it was more for the toys, lunchboxes and assorted merch. They were larger than life back then, I identified with the imagery of Gene spitting all the blood bubbles, especially on Kiss Alive II. I got horny and stole a handful of Kiss ‘view masters’, which were these little cartridges youd stuff in this little viewer and you would hit the button and change pics when you looked through it, it was far out then. Around the summer of 80′ my mom was shipping me off to summer camp as soon as she could, i was caught breaking into and vandalizing my school , which was fucking dumb since i lived directly across the street from the school. I stole some cassettes from the counselors, like Priest “Point Of Entry”, “Killers” by Maiden which just came out..First i bought with my own cash would be “Number Of The Beast”, and “Screaming For Vengeance”..they were like $11.49 each..a shitload of cash then. In Malverne on Long Island back then i discovered some deserted train tracks behind my mothers friend’s house, so i journeyed down there to find all sorts of cult activity it seemed. This had to be like 80/81, typical ..bloodstained walls, Ozzy graffiti..upside down crosses, dead birds and animals. Bloody capes left around. Bad Maiden “Eddie’s” spray painted and a foul smell i couldn’t place. i think it was all downhill from there.

Abominator: What bands and albums of metal are currently blasting out of your players? Any “genre” of metal.

GORE: It always changes depending on my mental health i suppose. Right now Excel, Runemagick, Tribulation, Abruptum, Impiety, Sadus, Dokken, Black Torment, Hades(NJ), Ribspreader, Count Raven, Bedemon, Absu, early Scorpions.

Abominator:  When did you start rapping? Did heavy metal twist you towards the dark and extreme side of music?

GORE: My cousin got me into it he was a dj back then , had all the old school vinyl, boom box..all that stuff. I understood it completely, but didn’t think rapping about “Eddie”, or the flying thing from “Screaming For Vengeance” would be cool subject matter. Ive always been drawn to rhythmic structures in music primarily so i understood the asthetic value. Whatever satanic force/possession took a hold of me in the train tracks i think corrupted me for good. Hell Awaits and To Mega Therion had me cutting school to stay home and make custom spiked nailed gauntlets like Kerry King’s on the “Ultimate Revenge” VHS. My buddy Phil who killed himself in upstate NY, we had a band we started then called Warlock, or Hell Spawn..which was more traditional metal. He would wear corpsepaint and cut himself. Once “Ride the Lightning” dropped, everything changed. Everything became more extreme. I’d try to invite normal girls over from school, we’d order pizza and id alienate them by playing Venom, even Armored Saint or Cities. There were no metal girls back then i learned, if there were they were brainwashed by a guy, the usual. Shit, imagine there was internet in 1984/85, with hot sluts wearing Sodom longsleeves haha..I made money by stealing all the latest metal mags and cutting out all the pictures and framing them. Some girls wanted Ratt, or Crue pics, so id go buy cheap picture frames at the flea markets and get my hustle on. After that i started my own zine Graphic Violence, when i moved to the projects. I bought an electric typewriter which despite me breaking my ass, i was 12 years old, cutting out, collecting demos, typing and xeroxing, cutting everything and repeating it over. I was writing letters to everyone and anyone in the scene back then. It overtook my life. I was getting known as that “sick little fucker from NY”. Borivoj Krgin invited me up to his office to show me the lifesize cover of Atheist’s “Piece Of Time” in his office before the album was out, it was huge…Id call Alex from Testamant one day, cut out next day and interview Steve from Atheist, or Bob from Immolation. I’d walk up to Noize records to talk to Mille from Kreator when “Extreme Aggression” came out. Good memories..That is when shit meant something. PRE-fucking internet….I ruined 7th grade by being absent 68 days just to stalk the mailman cause i knew he’d have packages and goodies for me..I racked up hundreds of dollars on phone bills my mom couldnt afford, but got anyone that mattered in death metal and thrash in my zine at the time. i wrote letters to everyone..Nihilist, Immolation, Sindrone, Master, Genocide, Necrodeath, Xecutioner..Chakal

Abominator: Do you also produce and record your own music? Tell me about the process that goes into the song writing process for you.

GORE: I have produced some stuff Ive done for myself in the past and  on various solo stuff. The new record will have some stuff Ive done as well. the difference now is i have younger producers who are very hungry and dedicated to the art and cult. The Non Phixion stuff had big guys on it,  like DJ Premier and Pete Rock, but these days i don’t really hear too much new stuff that anyone does that i feel i cant accomplish on my own, plus i like to work with very hungry, ritualistic characters..i don’t need to pay anyone $8000 for a beat so they can go buy a car off my back, fuck that. No Thanks, been there done that. I work with people who still care about the music and its integrity and the ritual side of it. I think i take music way too seriously..with hip hop the words are very important, but these days hip hop is I feel with a few artists aside, is out of gas. Everyone wants to be a rapper, or DJ or producer, they think daddy buying them a $200,000 dollar studio will give them a career or’s not for everyone yet to the human eye they think it’s easy to do. It’s funny to also see every shitty confused deathcore band also, maybe 2 out of 60 do anything. If you make a gay florecent emo deathcore logo with pastel design’s, chances are your band will sell. One or two “new thrash” bands come out like Warbringer, Skeleton Witch or Violator and then theres 100 more newer thrash bands that suck and think theres a new renaissance brewing, not to say those bands suck there pretty good, but i think all of the “new thrash’ is missing that something. You cant recreate that history, nor will you ever get that crunch. Unless your Gary Holt. As far as rap i wont even call it Hip Hop, major labels are only signing that down south shit, or if you are related to Ludacris or have a shitty beat that can be raped as a ringtone you may get in,  other than that its all hook ups and closed doors, which is ironic since, underground rap is dead.There is no room for an artist to grow, and your canned if you don’t sell 150,000 copies of your first album. Its a mockery really. Labels are mortified and losing cash everyday. I’m content to sell cd’s out of a fucking trunk if i have too, its the same mentality as selling drugs. at least i know how many were sold. Everyone steals music or they use the old ‘If i download it and like it ll go buy it” haha that bullshit. It’s similar to a new black metal group with an unreadable logo, who threw together a basement tape rehearsing, out of tune, and put some paint on their faces. It’s all assembly line bullshit, except this guy has a two million dollar home, car and 70 chains on. It’s faceless. Truth is any one of these shitty rappers you see on mtv or where-ever are just moving large sums of drugs. They are getting away with it too. In that regard it’s cool. Fuck the system cause it’s all coming down soon. Get money FTW.
The process of writing for me is based on atmosphere or whatever trauma my head is in. It’s usually alone in the dark. Some out of body experiences at night, sometimes help me focus on getting the inner-subliminals out. The depression and confusion are molded into something visceral for me.There can be chemicals or not. I generally do a lot of research and like to read as well. I like getting the listener involved in ideas they are hearing in the music.

Abominator: Being out on the East Coast, do you get to check out a lot of metal shows? What are some of the best that you have ever been to?

GORE: I go to shows here and there if its worth it..Unearthly Trance, EHG, Sleep, Toxic Holocaust but most of the best shows i have seen in New York are the shows i would see at L’amours here in Brooklyn, probably pre -1991, which had the sickest in the east coast. I think seeing Death in 88 was probably the most bloodboiling, i didn’t understand how Chuck’s voice was so brutal but he didn’t open his mouth at all really and was effortless for him. Bill Andrews kick drums mangled me too particularly on his down/up beats. Leprosy just dropped. Carcass in 89 was unspeakable…The Exodus/Anthrax headbangers tour was great too then..King Diamond..Vio-lence in their first NY show, Prime Evil, Nuclear Assault..Cities. Destruction in 89 was savage, Entombed back then was also insanity. After Destruction I managed to sneak backstage and interview Schmier after the show. I didn’t drink beer then but he persuaded me to have one with him ,but i really wanted a Gatorade but felt like a pussy telling him that.

Abominator: Give me some of your all time top albums of metal.
That’s a hard one brother..First 4 Sabbath records, All Maiden’s stuff up to Live After Death, (somewhere at the beginning of 1986 i felt the powers being sucked out of that group.)
in noo order.

GORE: Manowar – Battle hymns

Obituary- Slowly We Rot

Voi Vod- Killing Technology

Slayer- Hell Awaits

Vio-lence – Eternal Nightmare
Celtic Frost- Morbid tales
Sepultura – schizophrenia

D.R.I – Dealing with it
Deathrow – Deception ignored

Anthrax – Among The Living
Sarcofago – INRI

Repulsion – Horrified

Excel – Split Image
Mayhem/Morbid live split

Saint Vitus- Thirsty And Miserable
Witchfinder General – Freinds Of hell/all
Entombed – left hand path
Def leppard – pyromania

Autopsy- Mental Funeral

Death – Scream Bloody Gore
Darkthrone – soulside
Kyuss- and the circus

Kreator – Terrible Certainty
Possessed – all

Immolation- Immolation
Napalm Death-scum

Metallica- ride the lightning

Witchcraft- all
Down-S/t (1995)

Morbid Angel – Altars Of Madness

W.A.S.P- (1984)
Terrorizer- World Downfall

Twisted Sister – Stay Hungry
Carcass- Necrotism

Blue Cheer- Inside/Outside

Atheist – Piece Of Time

At The Gates – Soul
Eyehategod- Take as Needed for Pain
Sleep- Holy mountain
Megadeth – Peace Sells

Abominator: Now give me some of your all time top hip hop albums.

Rakim -Follow the leader.
Rakim- Let The Rythem hit Em

Wu Tang- Wu Tang forever

Geto Boys- ALL
NWA – Appettite for Destruction
Scarface- Mr Scarface

Ghostface killah – Iron man

Gza – Liquid swords
Dr Dre – The Chronic

A Tribe Called quest – First two

Raekwon – Only Built For Cuban Links

Public Enemy – It Takes A Nation..

Abominator: What are some of the darker, heavier, more extreme rap/hip hop artists that you are into? You ever perform with Dalek?

GORE: I haven’t performed with them no, there cool though..I am not sure there is anything modern that is extreme, but whats extreme ya know?..Kool Keith, sure..he was a gas,  but some guy in a stupid 40 dollar cap with baggy pants he got at TJ Maxx 8 years too late is a fail. Maybe some rapper will mention Metallica and Obituary in their songs 32 times lol..that was impressive in 1989 when i was doing it. In 94 i was referencing Eyehategod in hip hop which is still 16 years ago ha… Whats extreme?..Some fat douchebag wearing a Slayer hoodie?..I see a lot of trendy unlistenable novice -bedroom horror rap, which is awful. They should die. The two genres should never be combined. Only by professional satanists.
The darkest moment period in hip hop is rapper Big Lurch..He smoked a shitload of angel dust, got into a argument with his girl and beat her, stabbed her 100 times and cooked her liver and stomach on the stove. He had dishes set on his table. When police arrived her liver was being boiled. There is an artist named Lil Boosie who style wise is a throw back to some of the Geto Boys stuff. He killed 7 people and has been tried for 2 murders, he wears a Lector mask too which is cool. He will get the death penalty. Other than that i am more intrigued with finish black metal and cheap obscure bay-area thrash.

Abominator: I will say a few things, just respond with one word of how you feel about them: Justin Broadrick. Black Sabbath. The Rza. Slayer. Public Enemy.
GORE: 1.innovator 2. Father 3. PCP 4. Kill 5. Riot

Abominator: What are some future plans for your next album? Any tour plans?
GORE: Right now like i said im working on the new record. I’m taking my time so it s not something i learn to dislike. Im not being rushed this time and there is no negative energy or jealousy straining this project. I am doing everything myself this time, Id hate to have to go to some record exec’s house and tie him up again haha..Once released i will be touring every crack and asshole of the planet to spread my apocalyptic rants and hatred.. It will be out before the end of the year. The Supercoven website will also be up very soon with tons of new merch etc. I will also be writing a book soon about my life, if i don’t die.

Abominator: Thank you for your time man! Any last words? Where can people check out your music and merchandise?

Thanks man….I also produced a band from NY,  Bleach Eater, they will also come out on Supercoven Recordings. They sound like Unseen Terror, Repulsion and Morbid Angel a bit, I produced their EP “Night Work” and we are working on their full length too. I have some shit up my sleeve. The Supercoven record will come out and for those of you wondering, yes i am legally no longer allowed to use my former name Goretex on cd’s, merch or dvd’s. I was ratted out to the actual company, with a highly thought out plot to try and destroy me. I have no name which suits me better. I will not be stopped.

Hail Satan.

Interview by Mike Abominator @ Metal Maniacs


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