September 29, 2010

Robb Flynn Lets Peter Jam On Stage

Around here in the Attic, we dig Machine Head, but not as much as Robb's old war buddies Vio-lence. Anyways,  As in one of the coolest moves in live show history, Machine Head brought a fan on stage in Vienna, Austria to play guitar for "Aesthetics of Hate." 

We checked in with frontman Robb Flynn to find out how that came about, and what he thought of the killer performance.

Why did you decide to let the guy play? 

This was a crazy show, probably my favorite of the tour so far.  There was dudes dressed up as my "Rufus" character with afro's and Elvis shades, people running around naked in the balcony, a crowd surfing Homer Simpson, banners hanging everywhere saying stuff like "We love you Machine Head" and "You're our Gods now", not to mention the drunkest, highest, and rowdiest audience so far.  About 1 song before "Aesthetics" I noticed a kid upfront with a banner which said, "Let me play Aesthetics Of Hate on guitar Robb.  I'm Fucking Serious!!"  We both made eye contact, and both laughed it off.  So when Aesthetics came up in the set him and a bunch of his friends start screaming "Please".  I'm like "dude, you better not be fucking around", he's like "I can do it"  So I told security to bring him up.  His name was Peter. 

What did you think of his performance? 

He did fucking killer!!  Knew all my parts, I had to slow him down in the beginning a little, he was playing it a hundred miles an hour.  But once the band kicked in, he got it.  It was really, really cool.  Super fun.

How did it feel for you to get the chance to jump around the stage sans guitar?

It was fun, though I without my guit-armor on, I was like, "uh, what do I do?" so I just ran around like crazy, and got tired really fast.  Watching him playing my stuff was rad though, and the energy of the room, which was already insane, went to a million.  It was an incredible moment in an even more incredible show.  We brought him and his buddies back after the show to say "hey"  and I asked how far the crowd surfed him after he stage-dived back into the audience? He said "All the way to the bar, where 3 people bought him beers, and he proceeded to cry".  It was really cool moment.  Music is amazing... there's nothing else like it.

Any chance of a real vio-lence reunion or record?

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