September 1, 2010

Geezer Butler in Good Vibes about Sabb's

Geezer Butler keeps talking about how a Black Sabbath reunion is not out of the question. The bassist told our friends over at that he "wouldn't say no" to a reunion, adding, "You know it would be nice to finish the whole thing off with one last tour."

While words like "finish" and "one last tour" sound like the members are preparing for a victory lap, it's better to have one last hurrah with the godfathers of metal than none at all.

Butler acknowledged that the members are "getting a bit old now," so "time is running out." Geezer, drummer Bill Ward and singer Ozzy Osbourne have all expressed interest in reuniting, but Ozzy's dance card is incredibly full right now with his new album 'Scream,' and a global tour on the horizon. Nevertheless, the metal community would like to share Geezer's optimistic outlook. Black Sabbath needs to make a real record with John Osbourne to prove that after over 30 years, that they are able to tap into the dark elements which made them popular in the first place. Ozzy's new cd "Scream" is awful and auto tuned. Enough said. Lets cross our fingers

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